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VIPKVIPKid provides an international learning experience to Chinese children – all from the comfort of their homes. Their sophisticated virtual classroom connects students with ESL VIPKid Teachers, linking the world through education.

Current Opportunities: 

·     English Teacher (online)

·     Competitive pay of USD $18-$22/hr

·     Flexibility to teach from anywhere

·     No minimum hours


What are the Hours?

You pick your own schedule. No minimum hours. You can teach as much or as little as you'd like. These are the available teaching times in Canadian time zones*.

Pacific Time: 6:00PM - 7:00AM 

Mountain Time: 7:00PM - 8:00AM

Central Time: 8:00PM - 9:00AM

Eastern Time: 9:00PM - 10:00AM

Atlantic Time: 10:00PM - 11:00AM 

Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday

*Time varies when daylight saving hours begin


Earn $18-22/hr. Base pay offer after completing the Demo Lesson. Read through the tentative contract and email teachvip@vipkid.com.cn if you have any questions. Raffles, challenges and initiatives may result in extra income.


Hourly Pay

USD $18-19/hr

USD $20-21/hr

USD $22/hr


Step by Step Application

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Interview Method 1

It's a 10 minute video recorded on the teacher portal. It's recommended entering the "practice room" and get familiar with interactive features, mirrored camera, and TPR. You are expected to teach the class to an imaginary student displaying online teaching techniques. Your Recorded Demo Lesson submission will influence your base pay, this is how much you get paid per class. You can make US $18-22/hr. Teaching experience or certificate may boost your pay offer.

Interview Method 2

It's a 30 minute interview with a VIPKid staff who will play the role of a student. You may receive the same material of Method 1 (always check). Your Live Demo Lesson will determine your base pay, this is how much you get paid per class. In an hour you can make US $18-22. Your teaching experience and any teaching certificates may boost your pay offer.

Express Interview Demo Lesson (Easiest)

It's all about recording a 3 minute demo lesson teaching BICYCLE, MOUSE and MONKEY using proper online teaching techniques. Good Position and Lightning are very important for the recording. Your Express Interview video may influence your base pay, this is how much you get paid per class. In an hour you can make US $18-22. Any teaching experience and /or teaching certificates may boost your pay offer. The video must be submitted to teachvip@vipkid.com.cn. Results will be provided in 48 hrs.

Smart Demo Lesson (Quickest)

Download the VIPKid Teacher APP from your Google or APP store. Sign up using your email address (create a password) and include referral code CAROL007. Fill out your Basic Info. If you meet the requirements you'll be asked to Start your Smart Demo Lesson. Video and Mic permission must be allowed for using the VIPKid App successfully. Watch the videos, complete your quiz, and record your demo video right on your smartphone. Results will be provided in 24hrs


VIPKid Teachers utilize an interesting, interactive, and innovating Curricula - easy to teach.

What does the material look like?


What if I don't have a Bachelor's Degree?

VIPKid Teachers must have a Bachelor's Degree (in any field). This is compulsory.

I will follow your hiring process, provide training and support during the interview, demo lesson, and mock classes (certifications). Once hired, I will share tips on how to build a steady student pool and opportunities that may present in the calendar year. There are incentives associated with recruiting successful teachers. These are individuals who have been hired and have taught their first class. Once you are in, you can start referring yourself.

Do you have sample videos?

Yes, I do. Check out my YouTube channel @VIPKidESLTeacher. Many tutorials are provided by VIPKid when you sign up and pass the Basic Info step.

What if I am not hired?

You may re-apply using a different email address, but most importantly, try applying again after spending time developing those skills that VIPKid suggested to strengthen. Coaching times are available upon request. Send me an email to info@vipkideslteacher.com for more details.


I am hired as a Consultant

Check out the Independent Contractor's rights and obligations required by law in your place of residency. VIPKid Teachers are hired as Consultants (on a 6-month contract). Connect with me via email for more details.



  • How to start an Online Application? Visit www.vipkidteachers.com to Sign Up 

  • What Information do I need to Sign Up? Name, Last name, Address, Time zone, Phone number, Highest Degree of Education, Experience, Referral Code CAROL0007.

  • What's your Referral Code? CAROL0007

  • What Interview Method should I choose and Why? That's up to your personal comfortable level. However I find the recorded demo, interview express, and smart demo allow the applicants to be in full control of the Interview stage.

  • What is a Mock Class/Certification? It's a 30 minute session where you'll teach a Veteran VIPKid Teacher (Mock Class Mentor) who will play the student role.

  • Why do I need a Background check? We work with children of all ages so the BC serves to protect teachers and students.

  • Does this job application cost anything? No. There's no cost associated to applying. You may wish to purchase some educational resources from the dollar store or just use your children's toys.

  • I am a classroom Teacher. Can I skip all the process? All applicants must complete the entire process to become a VIPKid Teacher.

  • Is this a real job I can include in my resume experience? Yes! You'll be able to download proof of income directly from the platform.

  • How do I get paid? Through any financial institution on a biweekly or monthly basis.

  • Is there any training provided? Yes! VIPKid offers ongoing support and training through online workshops. Check the available sessions here: https://nvite.com/community/vipkidonline?fbclid=IwAR3OTkfZLvoFqYjhY9BVqdSaXM0fnFMQU6JoCCF0xrnU_7fTMQ_0Jlw7u2M